19 shootings in the last 10 days including a 2-yr-old shot

In the last ten days, there have been 19 shootings and a stabbing inside the city limits of Baton Rouge. Between Sunday, Oct. 10th and Tuesday, Oct. 19th, those 19 shootings injured 20 people, seven of whom died according to information given to Unfiltered with Kiran under the condition of anonymity.

The victims range in age from a two year old hit by a rifle round while her dad was driving, to a gentleman in his 40’s shot as a vehicle approached him asking for a light. In some cases, no one was hit by the bullets. Unfortunately, at least seven of the shootings were fatal. 

In the same time frame, there were two shootings outside of Baton Rouge, but within East Baton Rouge Parish, meaning the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office worked those two. One was a shooting to the leg on Oct. 17th at 2:25pm in the 22000 block of Plank Rd. while another was a woman found dead in an apartment on Burbank on Oct. 19th. Officials say her boyfriend confessed to shooting her in the face and killing her after she told him she wanted to see someone else.

Everything inside the city limits of Baton Rouge is handled by the Baton Rouge Police Dept. Not only are officers inundated with numerous calls all through the day and night, they’re also short-handed significantly on officers per shift meaning the response time for the public is much longer.

The chart above breaks down the last 10 days in Baton Rouge. On Oct. 10th on Tennessee St., sources said a home was shot up but no one was injured. The rest of the incidents include people shot and one case involved a stabbing.

On Monday, Oct. 11th, BRPD officers worked six separate shootings in nearly a 24-hour period.

The most alarming however are cases that appear to include people who were never the intended target of a bullet like a two year old child riding in a car with her dad, a woman enjoying a day in a park, or a man shot while walking down the street.

On Tuesday, Oct. 12th around 1pm, two women were at the Oak Villa Brec Park when they heard gunshots. They ran towards their vehicle and eventually told police they saw two men running from the park. It wasn’t until the women got back to their vehicle that they realized one of them had been shot in the ankle.

Around 7pm Tuesday, a father showed up at a Baton Rouge hospital with his 2-yr-old daughter shot in the jaw, possibly from a rifle round. That father told police he was driving down Greenoaks Dr. with his children in the vehicle when he thought he heard gunshots hitting his car. When his daughter started screaming, he noticed she was shot and rushed her to a hospital.

On Thursday, Oct. 14th after 8pm on Prescott Rd., a 45-yr-old man told police a car came up to him while he was walking and asked for a light. He added that the passenger in the car grabbed him by the arm and tried pulling him into the vehicle. When the man fought back and pulled back, that’s when he told police he was shot three times, twice in the stomach and once in the leg. Thankfully, all three gunshots were non-life threatening.

Late Saturday night, officers responded to shots fired in the parking lot of Quarters on Sherwood Forest. Police found a man dead just a few feet away on Coursey Blvd. with multiple gunshot wounds.

Earlier Saturday morning, Oct. 16th around 4am, officers learned there was a fight in Tigerland and a victim was stabbed in the arm. That victim’s friend drove him to an area hospital where a nurse told police he may lose his arm. But it took officers an extremely long time to start investigating this case because according to sources, calls were holding for a significant amount of time with no units available. That means all the officers working that shift were so busy still working a shooting from earlier in the night that any calls for help that came in afterwards, had to wait. In fact, the stabbing call had to be turned over to the next incoming shift. That’s the reality of a response time for BRPD because of the severe manpower issues. 

As of Oct. 20, 2021, there have been 105 killings inside the city limits of Baton Rouge. That number does include negligent, justifiable and domestic killings. In all of 2020, there were 87 killings.

When it comes to the number of shootings where someone did not die, so far this year, there have been 269 such incidents. In all of those cases though, 314 have been injured.  

These statistics paint 2021 to be the deadliest year for Baton Rouge.  

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