2-yr-old rushed to Children’s Hospital, revived with Narcan

Tuesday evening, the parents of a 2-yr-old girl rushed their daughter to an urgent care on Drusilla Ln. after she was unresponsive.

Sources tell Unfiltered with Kiran the baby was revived after staff used Narcan. That indicates there was some type of drug in the baby’s system, potentially an overdose.

The little girl was then moved to Children’s Hospital.

For now, the baby’s parents have said she took an “unknown substance” while they were at a park.

After the recent case involving 2-yr-old Mitchell Robinson, where he died from a fentanyl overdose, the Department of Child & Family Services came under intense scrutiny.

It was the allegedly the third time the baby had overdosed with fentanyl with his third time being deadly.

Since then, DCFS put a new policy in place.

“All cases where there is concern regarding a child’s consumption or ingestion of a controlled dangerous substance will automatically be assigned a P1 priority (24-hour response).”

According to the policy, all indications are DCFS would be involved in this most recent case of the 2-yr-old girl.

DCFS cannot confirm or deny any ongoing investigations.

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