70+ rounds fired in shootout near Mall of Louisiana

It was a scene that caught many bystanders by surprise, more than 70 rounds fired around 1:30pm at Bluebonnet and Picardy near the Mall of Louisiana for a shootout that left two people dead. 

Donte Dorsey, 18, and Clifton Lindsey, 19, were killed in the shooting and a 21-yr-old and 19-yr-old men were transported to area hospitals.

Sources said people in two cars were shooting at each other. Sources added the vehicle shot was riddled with at least 70+ bullet holes. That vehicle had three people in it. The driver and front passengers died while the one in the back was transported to a hospital.

At this time, several sources are saying a teen local rapper was killed in the shooting.

“I was wondering what in the world was happening. It just numbed me. It was horrendous,” said Paul Bethel. “I was finishing lunch and I was sitting by the window. I heard at least two dozen rapid shots and was wondering what it was. Everyone looked out the window and we see people getting out a tan car, bloody, dazed and some fell to the ground. It was very unnerving. People were ducking down in the restaurant, but no shots came into the building.”

A couple had checked their son out of school early on Feb. 25th and the 10-yr-old wanted to eat at J. Alexander’s.

“We were in the restaurant when all of this happened. It is a different level of fear walking your 10-yr-old to the car, telling him not to look as EMS zips up a body bag & loads another person onto a stretcher while not knowing what happened or why,” said the mother, who asked not to be identified by name. 

Another person who was near the scene said he at first thought it was a wreck.

“I drove by the scene at 1:35. I was stuck at the red light when I saw a police car pull up and get out and run towards the group of people. I couldn’t tell what happened from a distance. I could see people standing by the bushes looking down with their hand on there head. I thought there was a wreck or someone was hit by a car. When I passed by, I saw a black man with a white t-shirt covered with blood from neck down to mid stomach and what appeared to be a white woman laying on the ground next to the curb. She had another white lady sitting in a squat position on the phone next to her,” said the driver, who asked his name not be included.

Mall of Louisiana Blvd. is closed in both directions and the turn lane to get into the mall from Bluebonnet Blvd. is closed.

This is a developing story unfolding right now. Details will be updated as soon as more is available. 

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