Police continue to probe fatal shooting by NC state agent

APEX, N.C. (AP) — Police in North Carolina are continuing to investigate the fatal shooting of a teenager in Apex by an agent from the State Bureau of Investigation, the city’s police said in a statement Wednesday.

The shooting occurred early Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of a sporting goods store, Academy Sports, following a shoplifting incident that involved the teen and an unidentified female, police said.

They “ran out of the store and were encountered by an SBI agent in the parking lot,” police said. “That encounter resulted in a shooting in which the male subject was shot by the SBI agent. A firearm was recovered at scene next to the male subject on the ground.”

Dayve Sanchez, 18, died at a hospital after the shooting, police said. The SBI agent has been identified as Denzel Ward, 29.

The female was not shot but remained in the care of medical professionals, police said. She has not been identified or formally charged with any crimes.

A friend of Sanchez’s family, Joyce Bloodsworth, told ABC11 that his family wants more information about his death.

“Dayve is loved. He’s a kid. He was only 18 years old,” Bloodsworth said. “He had his whole life to live, and we just want answers because we love and care about him very, very much and he should not be gone.”

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