Act of kindness has recipient raising money for a car to help drive-thru employee

We’ve all done it: pulled up to a drive-thru only to realize you don’t have your wallet or any money.

That’s exactly what happened to Angelle Wyatt and her three children on Sunday, Nov. 28th. After an entire day at the soccer fields in Baton Rouge, the family was headed home near Port Vincent and decided to swing by the Dairy Queen on Juban Rd. in Livingston Parish for a treat around 6pm. 

Wyatt ordered four blizzards but when she got to the window, she realized she did not have her wallet.

“I went to grab my wallet in the console. It wasn’t there. I had taken it out the night before and I left it in my shopping bag. I did have Apple pay and of course they wouldn’t accept a check,” said Wyatt.

Wyatt said she apologized for having wasted the blizzards and went to drive off when the young man at the window said, “Oh well I got it. Don’t worry. It’s your early Christmas present.”

Wyatt learned the young man’s name is Nick. She said she was in disbelief. She said Nick, 23, went on to tell her, “God told me to help somebody so I’m going to help you.”

“I was in tears over how generous he was. I kept thinking this is a guy who is working at the Dairy Queen so his income isn’t very much and he did not hesitate. $18 is probably very significant to him but he didn’t hesitate to pull out his wallet and buy our blizzards. I just thought that was so generous and kind. It really touched my heart with his actions,” said Wyatt.

The family left with their treats and were able to enjoy them thanks to a stranger they met at a drive-thru window. But the story doesn’t stop there.

Wyatt has since been back to the same Dairy Queen hoping Nick would be at the window again and he was! The family gave him $50 to repay him for the blizzards and little extra for his generous act plus a homemade thank you card the kids and Wyatt made together.

That’s when Wyatt learned that Nick does not have a car. He rides his bike to and from work.

“We live in a rural area where the streets are very dark, two lanes, no shoulder, and it’s extremely dangerous to ride a bike on. I am looking to see if we can come together to help Nick get a car. He’s not seeking anything fancy or extreme just something reliable he can use to get to a from work,” said Wyatt.

It’s why she started a GoFundMe for Nick for hoping to raise $7,500 so Nick can buy himself a car.

“I feel like God just put me in his life for this reason. I thought he was doing me a favor ultimately by paying for our blizzards but I think the bigger picture is for me to help him,” said Wyatt. 

Donate now: Nick’s GoFundMe

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