Airborne X manager disputes mom’s food policy complaint

Taylor Blanchard said her latest experience with the new Airborne X Adventure Park in Ascension Parish might be her last for a while.

Blanchard said that last week she visited Airborne X in Prairieville for the second time since the park opened Dec. 17.

This time, however, left a sour taste in her mouth.

In a Facebook post, Blanchard posted about her experience. She claims she was turned away at the door by employees and forced to feed her 12-month-old child in the parking lot because employees wouldn’t allow her to feed the baby the food she brought inside their facility. 

A manager at the Prairieville Airborne X said Blanchard was told to take the food outside because she entered the establishment with the food in a Popeye’s bag, a violation of the company’s policy. 

“I had to stand the parking lot and feed my child his food while he was strapped in his car seat,” Blanchard said. “All I brought was the baby’s sippy cup and some mashed-up red beans and rice. They told me I couldn’t bring any outside food in. I feel like I shouldn’t have to worry about whether my child can eat.”

The manager said that only customers who booked one of the facility’s party rooms are allowed to bring in outside food. There is also a café available to customers to purchase food and beverages.

“We understand that everyone can’t eat café food,” the manager said. “If you have baby bottles or baby food in a container, you can bring that in. But we’re not going to allow you to bring in food from an outside establishment.”

Had the food been a baby bottle or baby food, that would have been allowed inside, but Popeyes still counts as “food from an outside establishment” and that’s why Blanchard was turned away.

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