Alligator making Baton Rouge neighborhood its new home

BATON ROUGE — An alligator living in a private pond has neighborhood residents scared to leave their homes.

“We deal with coyotes. We deal with foxes and we deal with snakes but an elephant alligator is too much,” Melita Mosby, who lives in the neighborhood off of Jones Creek, told UWK.

It’s in the Bellecosa neighborhood off of Jones Creek Road across from Baton Rouge’s Seventh-day Adventist Church. Mosby says she and her kids are confined to their homes because of a sizable alligator inhabiting a private pond nearby.

“I just came outside not too long ago, me and my grandkids and the alligator was out the water on the edge of the bank.”

The alligator measures between six and seven feet in length.

Calls to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries have prompted action, with trappers dispatched to address the situation, according to Mosby. However, the challenging terrain, due to recent heavy rainfall leading to increased water levels in the pond, has complicated the trapping efforts. 

The alligator has escaped capture multiple times by going into the depths of the water when approached.

The ongoing inability to address the issue promptly has left Mosby feeling anxious and she tells UWK she’s hoping something can be done soon to remove the gator from the pond. She says she and her grandkids are afraid to go outside until it is removed.

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