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Animal control investigating dog attacked in home

East Baton Rouge Animal Control is investigating an incident where a dog was attacked in its home.

The dog, Charlie, was home when three neighboring dogs allegedly entered the home through a window and attacked him.

Charlie’s owner got a call from her son who was home with Charlie at the time. Within six minutes, the owner arrived home and got the dogs out of her house.

Charlie was taken to the vet where he was treated for multiple puncture wounds. Charlie is home and recovering.

“We did respond to the scene after the attack,” said Daniel Piatkiewicz, director of the parish animal control and rescue center. “All the dogs in question were put up before we arrived and were told there were no adults at the owner’s home. “We had the complainant fill out an affidavit of witness and we did issue the owner a summons charging them with three counts of dogs at large.”

Piatkiewicz said pending further investigation, they will start the declaration process to deem the dogs potentially dangerous or dangerous.

Animal Control has been in touch with Charlie’s owner and she said she’s happy that her son called her and that Charlie is alive.

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