Animal control seizes malnourished dogs in Livingston Parish

After a post to social media that asked for Unfiltered with Kiran’s help in rescuing dogs, we informed the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office.

LPSO said the puppy was no longer in the owner’s possession. It had now been rehoused to the owner’s mother.

The other two dogs located at the property in Livingston Parish on Milton Rd. were given food water and shelter on Wednesday, August 24.

The owner was told to provide better housing for the dogs and meet the minimum standards for water and food for them. However, The deputy returned to the location on Thursday, August 25.

Instead, Animal Control seized the dogs today. Plus, Demco was notified of the extension chord power supply from across the street.

As more updates become available, story will be updated.

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3 Comments on Animal control seizes malnourished dogs in Livingston Parish

    • The dogs had houses food an water y’all show one but no pics of the two fat ones an our mother dose not have the dogs none of them

      • So Animal Control took the dogs just because? You don’t care about the dogs. They will be better off now.

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