Argument over McDonald’s drive-thru drink ends with shooting

A McDonald's employee ended up shot after he asked a Door Dash driver why he smashed a sundae on their front door.

What appears to have started as an argument over a drink in the drive-thru, ended with a McDonald’s employee shot.

Baton Rouge police officers responded to the McDonald’s on Greenwell Springs Rd. at Monterrey Dr. just before 9pm on Monday, Jan. 31st.

It all started with a Door Dash driver who went through the drive-thru and got into an argument with a woman working the window. That’s when the Door Dash driver allegedly went to the main entrance and smashed a sundae on the door.  When a McDonald’s employee questioned the Door Dash driver what the argument had to do with him throwing the sundae on the door, the driver went to his car and pointed a gun at the employee.

He did pull the trigger and it may have ricocheted to hit the McDonald’s employee. 

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