Ascension arrests, terminates deputy for punching combative arrestee multiple times

ASCENSION — A domestic violence call turned into an Ascension Parish Sheriff’s supervisor “punching” an arrested man multiple times and leading to his termination.

The deputy has been identified as Seth Boudreaux, a supervisor over the patrol division at night.

ascension deputy arrest Seth Boudreaux

It was Oct. 8, 2023 when three deputies responded to a domestic violence call between a husband and wife. Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre held a news conference Wednesday morning to explain the circumstances behind terminating one of his own.

The domestic was between a husband and wife with a 1-yr-old toddler caught in the middle.

“When our deputies arrived on scene, the wife was pushed against the wall and the father was holding the child so it was an attempt for us to get the child away from the father, which we did,” said Sheriff Webre. “It was very aggressive and it was a situation where we had to use force and it was a heck of a struggle.”

The man, identified as Darrin Joseph Regira II, aka DJ, was handcuffed despite arresting deputies.

“He actually took a gun belt off a deputy and we had three deputies there at the time with more on the way and we had to fight this guy. We finally got him under control and finally got him restrained,” said Sheriff Webre. “We were walking him to the police car. We got in the driveway. He tried to pull away, still handcuffed, still restrained behind his back. He went down to the ground and we went down with him and one of my supervisors punched him in the face multiple times. At that point, that was excessive point. It should not have happened.”

Sheriff Webre said no one filed a complaint on the supervisor. They watched the body camera footage and came to the realization that “something wasn’t right.” It’s when Sheriff Webre says he launched an internal affairs investigation into Boudreaux and his actions that night.

That turned into a criminal investigation leading to the deputy’s arrest Oct. 18 for simple battery and malfeasance in office. His bond was set at $5,500 and he has since bonded out. He has been terminated from APSO. Boudreaux had been with APSO since 2013.

DJ Regira had a bloody nose and black eye, but Sheriff Webre said that was not all from his supervisor. He said there was a struggle inside the home to get the child to safety. Regira was arrested on Oct. 8 and charged with disarming of a peace officer, battery of a police officer, resisting a police officer, cruelty to juveniles and domestic abuse battery. A bond has not been set for him at this time.

The woman and child in this case were taken to a hospital out of an abundance of caution. Both are okay, according to Sheriff Webre.

Webre said the deputy did understand his termination and arrest.

“He’s the one who helped us train for these higher standards so he knows you’re going to be held responsible,” said Sheriff Webre.

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