Ascension Parish makes history by officially filing 6 recall petitions

Petition organizers say they have had enough. Now, efforts are underway to get the required signatures on six recalls at the same time.

A historic move is underway in Ascension Parish as six recall petitions have officially been filed with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office.

WATCH: Historic recall efforts underway in Ascension Parish

The organizers for the recall for Dal Waguespack officially filed with the SOS on Aug. 18th completing the six recalls (picture).

Campaign finances/expenditures for all Ascension council members

John Cagnalatti’s recall was filed Aug. 9th.

Aaron Lawler’s recall was filed Aug. 3rd.

Dempsey Lambert’s recall was filed July 26th.  

Corey Orgeron’s was filed July 21st.

Teri Casso was the first recall officially filed on July 19th.

Each recall’s amount of time given to get the required number of signatures is different because it’s based on the number of registered voters living in each district. The same goes for the required number of signatures. In some cases it is 180 days with 2/3 the registered voters for signatures, but that varies for each recall and each district.

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to all six members, but only Aaron Lawler (Raw Interview with Lawler) and Teri Casso (Raw Interview with Casso) returned calls or emails. 

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