At least 10 vehicles in OLOL parking lot broken into overnight

Several Our Lady of the Lake hospital employees said their vehicles were broken into around 2am on April 11, 2022 in one of the hospital parking garages. They spent their early morning hours tossing out chunks of remaining glass and putting up bags to replace the shattered windows.

Baton Rouge Police said they investigated at least 10 different vehicles where someone used a hammer to break windows and steal things. In one case, a purse was stolen.

BRPD officials told OLOL that with the help of the hospital’s extra patrol, they were able to catch the suspect and recover all of the stolen property.

OLOL employees say enough is enough though, especially coming on the heels of two separate ladies being robbed in the garages.

The first happened on July 9, 2021 when a OLOL nurse was robbed at gunpoint of her car.

The second incident was at 9:30am on March 18, 2022. A woman, whose husband was at the hospital, was robbed of money just as she parked her car in the garage. However, she was on the phone while she was being robbed. The suspect demanded she drive him somewhere, but the person she was on the phone with called hospital security. They advised to her to lay on her horn so they could find her but the suspect ran away.

That incident was not discussed much because sources said hospital staff asked the victim to remove any social media posts, which she did.

OLOL staff work 12-hour shifts meaning there are plenty of vehicles parked in the garages at all hours of the day and night. Many employees spoke on the basis of anonymity that they’re fed up with a lack of security in the garages, security guards asleep in their vehicles and no visible security at all in the garages despite the hospital officials claiming they have security.

“Two people have already been robbed, that we know of. Now, we’ve had 11 vehicles broken into that we all counted. What more is it going to take for the hospital to take us seriously? Dying during a crime or being raped? A lawsuit on the hospital’s hands before they wake up and realize we’re not safe? We’ve had it,” said an employee.

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to OLOL asking for a response to the vehicle break-ins as well as a response to employees claiming a lack of security.

From OLOL’s Senior Public Relations Strategist Aaron Cox:

“Early Monday morning, several vehicles belonging to both team members and visitors were broken into in Our Lady of the Lake’s parking garage. Hospital security and an on-site Baton Rouge Police Department unit responded to the incident, identified the suspect and pursued the individual off site. All stolen property was recovered.

A police investigation has been opened and is ongoing.

The safety and well-being of our team members, patients and visitors is our top priority, and we appreciate the swift response of our security and the BRPD. In addition to the continued security presence and camera surveillance, we have increased police patrols in all of our garages and surface parking lots.”

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