Attempted kidnappings of two children at bus stops

There were at least two separate incidents of attempted kidnappings of children while they waited on their school buses.

Both happened in the 4200 block of Mohican Prescott Crossover St. in Baton Rouge around 7am, as the children were waiting for the school buses.

The first reported incident was on Thursday morning, Sept. 1st. The child told officers the suspect had a gun and tried to get her in his gray colored Honda Accord. Thankfully, the young girl was able to get away.

The second reported incident was much the same the next morning, Friday, Sept. 2nd. A young girl was waiting on the bus when someone tried to kidnap her into a gray colored Honda Accord with a gun but she was able to run away and call police.

In the second case, the young girl told officers that the suspect was wearing a LSU hoodie.

Upon investigation, officers located the particular car less than a mile away from the alleged incidents. Officers discovered the car was stolen.

The suspect, a 25-yr-old man, left the car parked outside his employer several hours prior to when he had to be at work and left on a bicycle.

Officers found someone matching the description of the suspect less than a mile from where the Honda Accord was left parked.

The suspect did try to run away but officers did catch him and even found a set of Honda keys on him.

He was taken in for questioning.

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