Babysitter arrested after three children allegedly physically abused

BATON ROUGE — A babysitter has been arrested after two children allegedly went home with bruises and even a skull fracture.

Shannon Spencer was arrested for one count of second degree cruelty to juveniles and one count of cruelty to juveniles on Aug. 18.

Victims #1 and #2

On Tuesday, July 18, 2023, the Baton Rouge Police Dept. was assigned a case involving two children who were hospitalized after spending time at Spencer’s at-home care.

According to court records, the victims are an eight-month-old baby boy and a two-year-old girl. The victims were dropped off by their parents for Spencer to watch overnight. The mother picked up her kids the next day and noticed several bruises all over their bodies.

The mother noticed that the eight-month-old’s head was swollen and the two-year old had bruises and a busted lip. Medical records show that the little girl was bruised on the face, neck, right shoulder, and left shoulder.

A CT scan showed that the eight-month-old baby boy also had a skull fracture. The two-year-old girl had a scratch on their left ear, bruising on the chin, cuts on the upper and lower lips, bruising and swelling on the left elbow, scattered bruises on the knees and lower legs, and a bruise on the right foot.

On July 21, BRPD contacted Spencer for an interview at headquarters, but Spencer never showed up to the interview. BRPD attempted to call Spencer but her phone was “not accepting calls” at the time. Spencer made no effort to contact BRPD for an interview, per her arrest warrant.

Victim #3

Britni Lejeune, mother of victim #3, tells UWK that she is related to Spencer, and was utterly shocked when she picked up her child from Spencer around July 22, 2023.

Spencer had been babysitting Lejeune’s one-year-old son on and off since he was three months old. Lejeune never noticed any problems with her child after picking him up from Spencer until recently.

“One night I picked him up and he had about 20-24 bruises just on his face. There were claw marks scratch, marks on his face, and bruises on his back. His knuckles were swollen and bruised up. There were bruises on his arm & his legs.” Lejeune tells UWK.

Lejeune said she confronted Spencer, who claimed that Lejeune’s son fell in the bathtub. With the absolute shock of seeing her son in this state, Lejeune said she did not press Spencer any further. After putting her child in the car, she said she decided to go knock on the door to question Spencer, but Spencer wouldn’t answer the door.

The one-year-old was taken to the emergency room to have him checked for more serious injuries.

“There was just so much bruising and it was like the later it got, the darker the bruises on his face. I was actually sitting in the emergency room as the bruises were turning darker and darker,” said the mother.

Lejeune contacted the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office the same night she brought her child to the emergency room. LPSO notified Lejeune that her case was being transferred to the Baton Rouge Police Department based on the ongoing investigation into Spencer.

It’s why on Aug. 18, Spencer, the babysitter, was arrested and charged.

Since the babysitter was arrested, UWK has confirmed that Spencer does not have a valid business registered with the state to have a daycare facility. Lejeune tells UWK that Spencer reaches out to family members and friends and offers to watch their kids. Spencer never asked Lejeune for money, but Lejeune sent Spencer money from time to time. After the July 22 incident, Spencer contacted Lejeune, daily, to see when Lejeune would bring her son back to Spencer’s house. Lejeune never responded. Spencer has since deleted her Facebook profile.

Lejeune implores others to speak up if your child has been abused. Share it with UWK here.

“Do it for her child and she doesn’t do it for anything else because something like this does not need to go unpunished like that’s just wrong these are babies.”

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