Baton Rouge: Police car damaged while responding to “wild night” of street racers

Video credit: Jim Urdiales

BATON ROUGE — It was yet another night of hundreds of vehicles and onlookers watching and taking part in street racing in Baton Rouge.


The most recent happened around 1am on Sunday, April 9th at the intersection of St. Phillip St. near South Blvd. & Nicholson Dr. However, there are usually multiple locations in Baton Rouge where the racers move to throughout the night.

The issue at hand is police officers are outnumbered while trying to respond to the street racers putting them directly in harm’s way.

Evidence of burn outs left at the scene at St. Phillip St.

For example, early Sunday morning, Baton Rouge Police officers attempted to respond to the area on St. Phillip to break it up. Sources tell Unfiltered with Kiran that several people standing around stopped the officer from getting to the vehicles performing burn outs. The crowd allegedly jumped in front of the police car and hit the passenger side damaging it.

Then, another scene was located on Florida Blvd. near N. Little John Dr. where sources say people used their bodies to make a human shield and block the officers from intervening.

Another location included burn outs at Bluebonnet and Jefferson where video shows traffic at a stop as crowds watch drivers burn out.

Bluebonnet & Jefferson (Source: Alex Malone)

There was also a pursuit that started at the St. Phillip St. scene that officers eventually called off because the driver was driving so erratically that pursuing him would have endangered others, according to sources.

Many first responders fear the street racers will eventually kill someone, but there appears to be little response from city officials to control or stop it, despite a public outcry from residents.


BRPD & BR City-Parish do not work with UWK and do not respond to any emails or questions regarding cases. It’s why BRPD nor the city have a response in this report.

As per BRPD General Order 139, Public Information Officers may communicate with authorized news media representatives which is defined as “those individuals who are directly employed by agencies of the electronic or print media such as radio, television and newspapers.” The policy specifically states that “free-lance workers in this field are to be regarded as other members of the general public unless otherwise designated by the Chief of Police.”

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