26 vehicles towed, 30 citations issued during street racing crackdown

BATON ROUGE – Baton Rouge police reported that a targeted operation on stunt and street racing in Baton Rouge on Friday night resulted in the towing of 26 vehicles and the issuance of 30 citations.

The BRPD stated that their focus was on street racing participants who blocked city streets to perform stunts and disrupt traffic, an issue that has caused frustration among residents and business owners in the city for years.

According to the police, they followed the street racing participants throughout Baton Rouge on Friday night. In a news release, the police mentioned that a significant law enforcement presence confronted the street racers around 11 p.m. in the parking lot of the Capital Area Technical College on North Acadian Thruway East.

Police say that they towed 26 vehicles, issued citations to 22 spectators, and handed out three citations to drivers without insurance. Additionally, they issued two citations to drivers without a driver’s license, one citation for switched plates, two misdemeanor summons, made one felony arrest, and seized one gun.

Source: BRPD

“Embarrassing, frustrating and a complete disappointment”

BRPD says this is part of an ongoing effort to deter street racing activities. It follows an ordinance passed by the metro-council in 2021 which toughened penalties for drag racers. 

Many are calling the street racing problem in Baton Rouge “embarrassing, frustrating and a complete disappointment after the problems escalated last May when hundreds of stunt drivers and participants shut I-10 at College and parts of Choctaw Dr. This was right as the Garth Brooks concert was ending at LSU’s Tiger Stadium.

Nearly a year later, the problem persists and in April residents and business owners demanded change after weekend street racing caused issues on roadways. The stunts were so erratic that ambulances were prevented from responding to calls.

“Someone is bound to get hurt”

The problems have been going on throughout the summer, according to multiple sources and residents reaching out to UWK.

One resident who has lived near the intersection of Stumberg Ln. and Jefferson Hwy. for over 20 years says that street racing and loud mufflers has become a common occurrence. A problem she says became frightening after escalating on July 3.

“It was around 11:30 p.m.,” she recounted to UWK. “I heard noises. We have always had a lot of cars with loud mufflers zooming down the street ever since (Woman’s Hospital) was built. Since the road opened to Airline, it has become a raceway.”

“I looked out my bedroom window, saw lights, and heard more of the mufflers, screeching tires, and loud music. They had the four-way road blocked off. I went upstairs and saw what was happening. The music was blaring, and kids were standing on top of their cars. I also heard firecrackers.”

The resident reported that some individuals in the cars were performing donuts on the road while others watched, standing on their vehicles. She estimated that there were over 100 people in the street.

Authorities arrived, and one patrol car successfully dispersed the crowd.

“That’s the first time I’ve been home and witnessed that,” she said. “It wasn’t just the large crowds, loud music, and fireworks. I was just shocked. Someone is bound to get hurt. If I had an emergency, no one would have been able to reach me.”

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