Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice" (From: Zoe Levert Facebook)

Baton Rouge’s Zoe Levert bares her country soul as she continues on “The Voice”

  • Zoe Levert The Voice
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert backstage at "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"
  • Zoe Levert performs on "The Voice"

BATON ROUGE — Music runs deep in Zoe Levert’s veins. She grew up surrounded by music — both at home and in her hometown of New Orleans.

“My parents are musicians, my sisters are musicians,” Levert told UWK. “I just grew up surrounded by music, primarily church music and worship stuff. I was around 10 years old when I started to kind of pick up the piano, and I was like, ‘This seems cool!’ So I started to learn how to play, and my dad picked up on that and started to teach me everything he knew.”

Levert, 20, tied the knot with her husband Ryan Turner in January-yes, he’s a musician too. The couple now lives in Baton Rouge, but she grew up enveloped by jazz music and jazz musicians in New Orleans.

  • Zoe Levert and her husband Ryan Turner
  • Zoe Levert performs in Denham Springs

“I was in jazz band. I was in choir. Every bit of music classes I could get my hands on I was a part of, and so I was playing in bands really young, playing in the worship band really young, and learning music theory from gigging jazz musicians. And I was just super lucky to be around people that had a lot to offer musically.”

Levert is now advancing on NBC’s wildly popular singing competition “The Voice”. She had Grammy award winner John Legend turn his chair around for her during the show’s blind auditions, where the celebrity judges have their backs to the artists and turn their large, red chairs before fighting it out for the artists to join their team.

As a member of Team Legend, Levert has survived the knockout round, where she went head-to-head with another contestant. Having made it out of the knockout round last week, she will now proceed to the competition’s playoff round.

“(John Legend) turned around at the last second,” Levert explained of her entry into the talent competition. “He’s very cool. He’s very focused, very specific about his vision for songs. He has a very specific listening face. He looks at you very intently, like he’s taking in every moment of your song. Even his criticism is still very constructive and kind. One thing that I’ve appreciated about working with him is there’s not this pressure for me to be a specific type of singer or type of artist. He just wants me to be myself.”

It’s been a long journey to “The Voice” for Levert, who tried out for the show twice before finally making it.

“I got cast on an earlier season, and then before we started filming, I got a call saying, ‘Hey, we’re not going to need you this season.’

Her name and voice may be familiar to many around South Louisiana. She’s performed at numerous restaurants and churches, showcasing her talent to local audiences. If you’re not familiar with her from those performances, you might recognize her from TikTok, where her renditions of Taylor Swift’s “Cardigan” have amassed millions of views and captured the attention of “The Voice” producers.

And you could say Swift has been her good luck charm during the competition.

“For my blind audition, I sang “Better Man”,” Levert explained. “It’s a song that Little Big Town had released, but it’s written by Taylor Swift. So we did Taylor’s version of that song.”

For Levert and her husband, the show is now part of their journey. During her blind audition, Levert told the show’s other judges, country superstars Dan & Shay, that they planned to dance to their song “From the Ground Up” during their first dance at their wedding (her audition was filmed before her nuptials).

The country duo pulled her then fiancé’ on stage with them before singing part of the song for the couple. It’s just one of the many pinch-me moments Levert has experienced during her Hollywood experience.

“I don’t want to have any regrets in my music career. Even if nothing comes from this, at least I’ll have had fun.”

“The Voice” airs at 7 p.m. Mondays on NBC and streams on Peacock.

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