Bond revoked for accused drug dealer arrested with $71,000 cash, drugs & guns

Hakeem Allen was arrested by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Narcotics agents on Tuesday, Oct. 4th after a two-month long undercover drug investigation. His bond was set Wednesday and then revoked Thursday afternoon.

Deputies found eight guns, $71,000 in cash and Allen was arrested with several drug charges.  

The judge on duty this week to set bonds, Judge Tarvald Smith, set Allen’s bond at $43,000 on Wednesday, Oct. 5th. That means 12%, which is what’s required to be paid when making bond, would be $5,160. Officials said Allen had more $3,000 cash in his pocket at the time of his arrest.

But then, East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney Hillar Moore requested the bond be revoked all together for Allen.

“I applaud the court’s decision to hear the State’s motion and consider the more detailed information provided and the photos of multiple illegal guns and drugs seized by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office in this matter,” said Hillar Moore. “Everyone in the criminal justice process has difficult jobs to do based on the information and evidence at our disposal. My office will meet with the Sheriff’s Office soon to review the evidence and reports to make a proper and timely billing decision. We will also reach out to our federal partners for further discussion and collaboration.”

Shawn Rivas died of an overdose. His mother spoke to Unfiltered with Kiran saying she absolutely believes Allen sold her the fentanyl that killed him.

“The coroner’s report showed Shawn had 120 mg of fentanyl in his system and 2 mg can be deadly. No other drugs were in his system except some caffeine from a cup of coffee,” said Rivas’ mother Pam Rivas.

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