BR: 14 people injured in four separate shootings in one day

On Friday, Oct. 21st, there were four separate shootings in Baton Rouge, in which a total of 14 people were injured.

The shootings were between 2am-9pm in various locations.

One shooting alone injured 11 people at Southern University. Initially, officials said nine people were injured, but later it was discovered that two additional people came forward saying they too were hit in the same shooting. All had non-life threatening injuries.

Southern University officials said the shooting was off-campus at 636 Harding Blvd. around 1:50am during a fraternity party.

Three people have since been arrested: Daryl Stansberry, 28 and Miles Moss, 24 are charged with 11 counts of accessory after the fact to attempted first degree murder and illegal use of a weapon. Jaicedric Williams, 22 was arrested Sunday with the help of the U.S. Marshal Task Force at his home. He is charged with 11 counts of attempted first degree murder and illegal use of a weapon.

The next shooting was around 8:30am on Lorraine St. A man shot in the chest was taken to a hospital.

Then, just before 4pm on Greenwood Dr., a person took a bullet to the chest as well. This may have been a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Rounding out the day, the last shooting was after 9pm on Greenwell St. for two neighbors who were arguing and one ended up getting shot.

That’s four separate shootings throughout the day with a total of 14 people injured.

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