BR eatery has its highest sales ever following visit from famed TikTok restaurant critic Keith Lee

BATON ROUGE — The acclaimed TikTok food critic Keith Lee is already making headlines in Baton Rouge as he seeks out small, family-owned restaurants in the region.

Lee’s first stop in Baton Rouge was Fork N Spoon off Brightside Drive on Wednesday. He left them with great reviews and a $3,000 tip to the owners.

In a video posted around midnight on Thursday, Lee tried multiple dishes from the locally owned business.

Lee gave the restaurant’s customer service a 10/10. He ate several dishes, including maple bacon berry toast, banana berry French toast, and a plate of loaded grits.

Lee rated the maple bacon berry toast 7.9/10, the loaded grits 7/10, and the French toast 8/10.

Fork N Spoon owner Kristen Abshire told UWK Thursday after the restaurant closed for the day that they had been “Keith Lee’d.”


#stitch with @cookris10 Fork N Spoon taste test ? taste test ? #foodcritic @Fork N Spoon

? original sound – Keith Lee

“Business was crazy today,” she said. “We had our highest sales day ever.”

The business has been operating for almost four years. Abshire says the $3,000 tip will be split evenly between the business’s six employees.

“It might not seem like a lot of money to some people, but $3,000 to a small business could be make or break,” she said. “That could be whether or not we meet our food orders or we make payroll next week, and the tip part of it, we’re going to be splitting evenly amongst all of our employees. That’s been motivating them to deal with the Keith Lee effect that we’ve been dealing with. They came in here motivated today.”

Over the next few days, Lee will be exploring the diverse and vibrant food scene of the city.

Lee has built a reputation for traveling across the United States, sampling and promoting a number of restaurants from coast to coast. His visits often serve as a significant boost to local businesses, elevating their profiles and helping them gain recognition.

From the streets of New York City to the avenues of Los Angeles, Lee’s reviews shine a spotlight on countless hidden gems.

In addition to his culinary expertise, Lee is reportedly working on a special project centered in southern Louisiana. While details of this project remain under wraps, it has piqued the interest of his followers.

Lee has invited suggestions through various channels from those wishing to highlight their favorite local spots. Fans and food enthusiasts can reach out with their recommendations via his TikTok and Instagram accounts or directly through email.

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