BR: Four arrested for fake traffic stops, armed robberies

Baton Rouge Police have arrested four teenagers in connection to several cases where people were being pulled over under the pretense of fake police traffic stops. Instead, the victims were then robbed at gunpoint.

According to Baton Rouge Police, the suspects pulled over at least five separate vehicles by flashing their headlights or possibly using a blue flashing light between Dec. 23rd-28th. After the victim would pull over, the four would approach the occupant(s) with guns drawn and allegedly rob them of their personal belongings.

Three of the arrested are 17-yrs-old so their names cannot be released. The fourth suspect is Bruce Green, 19, and he’s charged with two counts of armed robbery with a firearm. Charges for the 17-yr-olds include two counts of armed robbery with a firearm, escapee from Bridge City and parole violations from EBR juvenile court.


All three juveniles have been arrested in the past for multiple armed robberies with guns in 2022 for crimes in south Baton Rouge.

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