BREAKING: Child shot dead while asleep

Baton Rouge Police responded to the 5100 block of Fairfields Ave. for a deadly shooting that left a child dead. It happened on April 12, 2022 around 11pm.

Devin Page Jr. was asleep in his bed when a bullet came through the home window and shot the child in the head. The 3-yr-old died on the scene.

Devin Page

“These senseless crimes have to stop. My innocent baby’s life was taken and because of this crime, me and my two kids are now homeless,” said Page’s mother Tye Toliver.

Sources added several shots were heard when someone was shooting at the toddler’s neighbor’s home, up to 35+ rounds with a rifle and pistol, when a bullet went through the window where the child was asleep in his own bed.

Toliver said this was actually the fourth shooting around her home.

Early Monday morning on April 11, 2022 just after Midnight, BRPD officers responded to the same street for a drive-by shooting. Dozens of rounds were fired with the same neighbor’s home shot up before several men drove off. Up to seven people were inside the home at the time of the shooting, four adults and three children. A 12-yr-old child was injured by some of the glass from the shooting.

After that shooting, she said she had video proof of how close her home was to the home that was shot at and asked her landlord if he would let her out her lease, but he denied her.

“I blame him for my son’s death. I wanted out but he didn’t let me and now my son is dead. Now he’s moving me to another home but it’s too late. My baby is gone. I’ll never go back to that home on Fairfields Ave.,” said Toliver.

Toliver is asking the public to keep her family in your prayers as they deal with the loss of Devin Page Jr.

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