Missing Georgia man Nathan Millard’s body found in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE – The Georgia father and husband who went missing last week during a work trip to Baton Rouge, has been found dead, Baton Rouge police have confirmed.

Nathan Millard, 42, disappeared February 22 during what was supposed to be a quick 24-hour work trip. Millard was reportedly in town to meet with a client at a construction site. 

His body was found around 3 a.m. on March 6 after someone called saying there was a bad smell off of Scenic Hwy near Chippewa St. in Baton Rouge.

WATCH: Interview with man who called 911 to report body

READ: Interview with man who called 911 to report body

When officials responded to the 2900 block of Scenic Hwy., they found Millard’s body wrapped up in a rug and plastic. Sources say the body was badly decomposing.

Sources confirm to Unfiltered with Kiran that officials were only able to confirm Millard’s identity through his fingerprints because the body was too badly decomposed.

An autopsy by the East Baton Rouge Parish Coroner’s Office reveals there was no internal or external trauma to the body. The cause and manner of death will have to wait on the final results of a toxicology result.

BRPD: “We have no indications that there was any foul play involved”

Baton Rouge Police provided more details into Nathan Millard’s whereabouts in a news conference on Tuesday, March 7. The newest information is that Millard was last seen at 4:30am on Thursday, Feb. 23rd.

Baton Rouge Police added Millard did not appear to be in any stress and that “He appeared to be at all the places at his own power,” said BRPD’s Violent Crimes Unit Commander Kevin Heinz. “Nothing appears to have taken place criminally.”

Surveillance cameras at various businesses in downtown Baton Rouge helped officers piece together Millard’s whereabouts. BRPD said an hour after Millard left Happy’s, he was the bus station on Florida St.

At the bus station, BRPD said the security guard offered to help Millard to get a ride back to his hotel but Millard declined.

“At this time, we have no indications that there was any foul play involved,” said Heinz. BRPD continue to say Millard’s death is not being investigated as a homicide.

What we know

Millard and his client attended the LSU vs. Vanderbilt basketball game on February 22. Millard’s wife previously said that he FaceTimed her from the game to show her his seats. 

“It was not anything I ever thought would be my last call,” Amber Millard told 11Alive news.

After the game, the two men took a Lyft to the Penthouse club, which is a gentlemen’s club, according to sources. From there, Millard is said to have gone back to the Happy’s Irish Pub in downtown Baton Rouge. 

Millard and the client he was with, were at Happy’s for close to two hours, according to reports. 

Sources tell UWK Millard was seen on surveillance video leaving Happy’s.

Millard’s path through downtown

Investigators used Millard’s phone and ATM card to track him around downtown in the hours after he left Happy’s.

Sources tell UWK that there was a withdrawal made at an ATM about three hours after Millard left Happy’s. The ATM is reportedly a few blocks from Happy’s and close to where Millard’s phone was found days later.

Another ATM transaction was made near the Greyhound bus station in downtown Baton Rouge on Florida St., sources tell UWK.

A homeless man was seen with Millard on Florida St. when he did go missing, according to sources. The homeless man then left Millard and Millard is said to have gone his own way.

“He’s a loved man, a great man”

Amber Millard (left) and Nathan Millard (right) (Source: 11Alive News)

Millard has two teenage boys from a previous marriage, two teenage stepsons and the couple have a 7-year-old daughter together.

Millard’s wife says her husband’s disappearance has left her “heartbroken.”

This is a developing story. Check back often for new information.

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10 Comments on Missing Georgia man Nathan Millard’s body found in Baton Rouge

  1. This man was a work colleague with my daughter. My heart breaks for this family. Thank you for your reporting

    • This missing homeless person sounds exactly like Gary Michael Hilton. A drifter who literally lived off of his victim’s ATM cards. I’m involved in a political effort to address this problem. This is complex but it’s legit. When the police investigate a crime like this, they will normally try to find any similar cases in the state database. They compare that evidence with the evidence in their own cases and this will lead them to solving their case and maybe several others. But, to do that, they have to have a state crime code section to work with. I’m trying to get a statute that will fix this problem in my state, Illinois. You need a statute like this in Georgia and every other state as well. Please share this with her along with my email address. I’m in facebook. Here’s the law we’re pushing now, but the banks are dead against it. It would also expose the overall extent of the problem, and that’s not something the bankers want. https://ilga.gov/legislation/BillStatus.asp?DocTypeID=HB&DocNum=2891&GAID=17&SessionID=112&LegID=148033

  2. There were a couple cc videos of Nathan Millard walking behind a man wearing a light blue t-shirt. This man was also in an elevator with Nathan…coincidence?

  3. What a horrible and scary looking place to be thrown or die in. So many cameras
    and well-known homeless it seems, yet the cops have no clue who did this? I hope and pray his family can find some comfort and grieve in peace. This is so sad.

  4. He and his client got some coke at the Penthouse club and then after he got cut off at Happy’s, he wandered around downtown trying to score more coke, and he probably got the homeless dude to help him find some, but it was most likely laced with fentanyl — as is most cocaine in BR now (gotta test your drugs, bro) and wherever and with whomever he got it, when he died on them, they panicked and rolled him up in a rug and dumped him out in the hood. Now his poor wife has to explain this to their daughter. Sadly, a classic case of a good guy making a few poor choices.

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