BRPD helicopter pilot finds infant alive in a field

An 8-month old baby that was left in a field by its mother has been found alive.

It was an all hands on deck with multiple agencies searching Cypress Dr. to help find a missing 8-month old who was supposedly left in a field the day before on Tuesday, March 15th between 3pm-6pm.

From BR fire and police, the parish search and rescue team, EMS, EBR Coroner’s Office to the Acadian Ambulance crews, multiple people spent hours hoping to find the baby.

The mother of the child, who is currently in a psych facility, told the hospital staff that she abandoned her 8-month old near her apartment. That’s when numerous BRPD officers, K-9, helicopters, etc… began searching for the baby.

Eventually, officials went and got the baby’s mother to help lead them to the area she left her child. Prior to get getting to the baby though, the BRPD helicopter pilot spotted the baby in a field on Plank Rd. The pilot landed the helicopter, went to the child and found the baby alive.

The baby is now at Children’s Hospital and the mother was taken back to the psych facility.

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