BRPD investigating prostitution near downtown, sparks police chase

BATON ROUGE — A Baton Rouge Police Department investigation into alleged drugs and prostitution near downtown Baton Rouge sparked a possible police chase and crash Tuesday afternoon.

Sources tell Unfiltered with Kiran that police were investigating in the area south of downtown near Lori Burgess Ave. for potential drugs and prostitution, that’s where police believe Nathan Millard died of a suspected drug overdose in February.

While on the scene, a man parked on the street reportedly panicked when he saw police, and fled the scene.

That’s when UWK is told BRPD began to pursue the individual when that suspect crashed into another car at the intersection of Napoleon St. and Terrace St., which is close to I-10 and Highland Rd. That’s about half a mile away from the original scene where officers were investigating.

Sources say that the suspect was alert and did not appear to have serious injuries. He was taken into custody and transported to Our Lady of the Lake for medical treatment.

Millard death investigation

Derrick Perkins, 45, was arrested and charged on March 13 in Baton Rouge in connection with Millard’s death.

The newest information from police is that Millard “had accidentally overdosed in the house located at 508 E. Washington St./Lorri Burgess Ave. Perkins then allegedly wrapped the body of Nathan Millard in “plastic” wrapping and rode around the Baton Rouge area with the deceased body of Nathan Millard in the trunk of the blue 2004 Toyota Camry for two to four days until the odor got too bad, then Perkins dumped and/or disposed of the body in the 2000 block of Ontario St. at Lobelia St. behind the abandoned and/or vacant Rhodes Funeral Home before it was found/located on Monday March 6, 2023.”

BRPD were reportedly back in that same area Tuesday investigating drugs and prostitution.

This is a developing story. Check back often for new information.

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