BRPD: Mass shooting was a “targeted attack,” security breach now center of investigation

“Some of the items they (Alcohol Beverage & Control) will be looking into will be the security breach that occurred from the private security that was working at the event.” ~BRPD Deputy Chief Myron Daniels

An investigation is underway into a mass shooting that left a dozen people injured at Club Dior Bar & Lounge and a separate investigation is ongoing into a security breach at the same Baton Rouge club.

Unfiltered with Kiran has also learned through multiple sources that Baton Rouge police officers were working extra duty at the club when the shots rang out.

“This morning at approximately 1:36am, Baton Rouge Police officers responded to a shooting incident that occurred at 4619 Bennington Ave. at a nightclub called Dior,” said BRPD Police Chief Murphy Paul at a Sunday afternoon news conference on the shooting.

Chief Paul confirmed a dozen people were injured. Nine of the injuries were minor and non-life threatening and three were deemed to be life-threatening injuries.

Multiple sources said the DJ playing at the club was shot in the spine.

“We have to get it right,” said Chief Paul. “When I was on the scene along with our mayor, Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and to hear the pain…the families, the victims, Hillar Moore was out there as well with us, watching our detectives work, the scene was a lot of evidence when you have that many people inside of a club.”

Officials said the shooting was a “targeted attack” and not a random shooting.

The motive is unclear and Baton Rouge Police did not answer if there was one shooter or multiple gunmen. They also did not answer the type of gun used in the masa shooting. It’s also unknown how a gun made it into the Club Dior Bar & Lounge. That’s something Chief Paul said is now under investigation.

The investigation now also includes the Alcohol Beverage & Control Board, or ABC.

club dior bar lounge press conference

“Immediately once the scene was secured, we reached out to Alcohol Beverage and Control to notify them of the incident. That is the agency that deals with regulations of businesses that serve alcohol. From this point, they have stressed that they have assigned investigators to work in conjunction with our investigators on the matter,” said Deputy Chief Myron Daniels. “They have also clarified that some of the items they will be looking into will be the security breach that occurred from the private security that was working at the event. They have also noted that the owners of the business are and have been cooperating throughout this process.”

“When this incident occurred, there were three Baton Rouge Police officers outside in the parking lot who immediately responded to the shooting incident,” said Chief Paul. “Those police officers immediately responded to the threat and we believe their immediate response prevented further injuries. The officers were able to able quickly secure the scene as well as administer life-saving aid until EMS and fire arrived to administer emergency medical services.”

But credible sources have confirmed to Unfiltered with Kiran that Baton Rouge Police officers outside the club were working extra duty. In fact, sources said those officers are the ones who heard the gunfire and ran inside the club. But BRPD did not mention having officers as the extra duty detail.

BRPD’s own policy allows officers to work extra duty at establishments where the sale, manufacturing or transport of alcohol is the primary business only if the chief approves it. The policy says the officers must remain in the parking lot. Usually, that applies for events like Mardi Gras or special events in the city.

Per their policy, if there are 100 people present, two officers must work extra duty. For up to 200 people, it moves up to three officers, four officers for 300-400 people and so forth.

“Anytime we have this many people who are shooting…who are hurt, obviously, it’s concerning,” said Chief Paul. “We investigate all these incidents the same, whether it’s one, two, three, four, five, six, that number does not determine our investigative efforts. Our detectives are going to investigate this incident like we do all and that’s in cooperation with the community.”

Chief Paul requested the public to call Crime Stoppers to assist them with the investigation.

“It’s obvious this person has total disregard for life,” said Chief Paul. “I want to reassure you that there is a lot of work that is going on and we are going to work with the community. That’s why it’s so important for someone who knows something, someone who heard something to pick up the phone and call 344-STOP. Crime Stoppers is waiting and Crime Stoppers is waiting.”

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