BRPD officer accused of leaking confidential information has resigned

Sources tell Unfiltered with Kiran that Baton Rouge Police Officer Richmond Barrow Jr. has resigned as of Aug. 31st effective immediately. Sources added the resignation was in lieu of a termination.

UWK reported back in June that Barrow was placed on paid administrative leave on June 7, 2022 by BRPD for “an administrative investigation.”

Multiple sources accused Officer Barrow of leaking confidential police information to suspects in active drug investigations.

Sources said detectives did get a search warrant for Barrow’s cell phone. Since then, his cell phone has been returned to him.

Sources added Barrow was allegedly texting a drug dealer requesting thousands of dollars in exchange for confidential intel from police.

His cell phone records may also have implicated another current BRPD officer, according to sources.

Brpd does not reply to media requests from Unfiltered with Kiran and the department’s media contacts/public information officers have strict orders not to correspond at all with UWK. Unlike other media agencies, BRPD requires UWK to put in a formal records request through the city-parish’s online portal for even a statement or verification of an event, which can take several days to get a response, if they respond at all. All other media outlets email the public information officers and get a response.

UWK did reach out to BRPD for a response. As of this report, no one has responded. It’s why no statement or response from the chief or BRPD is included in this report on Barrow’s resignation.

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