BRPD officer causes wreck by running red light

A veteran Baton Rouge Police Officer is accused of running a red light and triggering a wreck.

A credible source with intimate knowledge of what happened, said Sgt. L’Jean McKneely was looking down at his dispatch radio and changing the channel on the radio when he ran the red light on Airline Hwy. near N. Foster Dr. in Baton Rouge.

That triggered a crash with another vehicle, but sources said there were no serious injuries.

The wreck happened Friday, June 24, 2022 around 5pm.


Plus, the same officer is accused of using his taser in a separate incident two nights before, but there’s question whether a report was generated by the officer on what happened and his actions.

The alleged incident happened at the Club Bella Noche on Plank Rd. on Wednesday night, June 22, 2022, where Sgt. McKneely was working extra duty.

A credible source says there was an argument between several ladies at the club and in order to break it up, Sgt. McKneely used his taser to “dry stun” the ladies.

“Dry stun” is also known as “drive stun” or “dry fire” and is basically intended to hurt the individual but not capacitate the person with the taser.

Sgt. McKneely is said to have dry stunned the ladies multiple times in order to break up the argument.

A complainant went to BRPD asking who the officer was who allegedly stunned her, but sources said there was no report in BRPD’s system.

Per BRPD policy, a file number must be assigned immediately after the incident and then the officer has till the end of his/her shift to complete a report. If additional material needs to be included in the report, the officer can finish it on his/her next shift.


Sources said McKneely was in a yearly inservice training all officers are required to take all of last week. The source said a file number has been assigned but the actual report has not been written yet. It’s unknown at this time when the file number was created.

Sgt. McKneely has been with BRPD for 20+ years and has served as the public information officer for the last 17 years.

Unfiltered with Kiran did reach out to Sgt. McKneely. As of this report, he has not responded.

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