BRPD officer saves woman from jumping off bridge

BATON ROUGE– In an incident in May 2024, Baton Rouge Police Officer Jakiya Jones had to fill one of an officers’ many roles while trying to keep the community safe.

Jones said she had gotten a call regarding someone threatening to jump off the new bridge to harm themselves, which Jones says is not uncommon.

“When I pulled up to the scene, seeing that it was someone actually on the other side of the railing on the smallest piece of concrete, just sitting there and tempting to jump, I just went into quick thinking and the training that we had, which was basically to start talking and build some type of trust,” she said.

Jones said she spoke with the woman and brought her back to safety.

“The only thing that was going through my head was that this is somebody’s daughter, mother or cousin,” Jones added. “If she did that, a lot of people would miss her. It is said often, but actually dealing with it and seeing that somebody is trying to attempt to do something like this and leave their family behind is heartbreaking.”

After the incident, Jones tried to help get the woman the assistance she needed. She said law enforcement takes on various roles aside from upholding the law.

“Sometimes you are somebody’s counselor, just an ear to listen to what’s going on,” she stated. “You see people at their worst in this job, so you wear a lot of hats. That night was a hat of listening, trying to understand where she was coming from and saving a life.”

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