BRPD searching for two prostitutes in connection to Nathan Millard case

BATON ROUGE, La. — Baton Rouge Police are asking for the public’s help in finding two women to question them about their alleged involvement with the disappearance and death of Nathan Millard.

Tabbetha Barner and Tiffany Ann Guidry are wanted, according to BRPD. Baton Rouge Police have already arrested Derrick Perkins and charged him with unlawful disposal of human remains in connection to Millard’s case.

Barner has an active arrest warrant for prostitution and failure to seek assistance.

Her documents show Baton Rouge Police questioned her in regards to her involvement in the Millard case and she told officers that “she is a prostitute and confirmed she was the person seen in the AM Mart video surveillance with Perkins on 2/23/2023.”

Barner told police she had a date with the owner of the vehicle Perkins is accused of stealing, the blue Toyota Camry. That date was on Feb. 3, 2023. Barner told officers that the owner of that vehicle “wanted to smoke crack cocaine during their date so she called Perkins to bring the narcotics. Barner added that the man “rented his blue 2004 Toyota Camry to Perkins in exchange for the crack cocaine but Perkins never returned in the vehicle.”

That vehicle is the one that was found burnt on March 13th, not far from where Millard’s body was found in the 2900 block of Scenic Hwy.

Barner told officers, according to court documents, that “she had never seen Millard and did not know who he was.” She said that Perkins came to her home “panicking and asking for Narcan.” She told officers she gave Perkins the Narcan and “attempted to ride with Perkins to assist in administering the Narcan; however, was unable to fit in the vehicle Perkins was driving (blue Toyota Camry) due to another white female sitting in the front seat and there having been no space in the backseat as it was cluttered with clothing, food and miscellaneous items.”

Barner told police she saw Perkins at the AM Mart around 11am on Feb. 23rd where he allegedly made purchases using Millard’s debit card. She admitted she left with Perkins thinking he possibly had drugs and she could “get her fix.” She said they drove back to his home in the 500 block Lorri Burgess Ave. but when Perkins told her he did not have drugs, she “left walking.” Barner said she never went inside the home and “only heard Perkins mentioning that he had to ‘go check on dude’.” Barner said she assumed Perkins was referring to the guy she previously got Narcan for. She said she later pieced together the Narcan may have been for Millard after media reports saying he was missing.

Perkins spoke to officers after his charges were upgraded. He told police he first met Millard on Convention St. in the early morning hours of Feb. 23rd. Millard was allegedly walking with two other people when one of them flagged down Perkins for a ride and to “purchase more drugs.”

Records say Perkins agreed to drive Millard and the two others. “The four rode around for a few hours “getting high” (meaning doing drugs, specifically crack cocaine). The four eventually stopped at the Circle K on Nicholson Dr. Everyone went inside the store except for Perkins. “Millard was supposed to get cash from ATM but he quickly returned to the vehicle and told Perkins that he felt as if (the other two people) may be trying to set him up to rob him.”

That’s when Perkins left the other two people inside. According to documents, “Millard then told Perkins that he wanted a ‘white girl’ and ‘he wanted to go somewhere safe’.” That’s when Perkins said he saw Tiffany Ann Guidry walking the area, reportedly another prostitute, and picked her up for Millard. They stopped at the Wags One Stop on Lorri Burgess Ave. for Millard to get more cash from an ATM before Perkins drove Millard and Guidry to the home in the 500 block of Lorri Burgess Ave.

But Perkins said Millard said he “wanted more ‘white girls’ so Perkins went to (Barner’s home) and picked her up” and dropped her off at Lorri Burgess Ave. to Millard and Guidry.

Perkins told officers “they were all up in there doing that shit. I don’t f*** with that shit.” That’s when Perkins said Barner & Guidry were taking drugs with a syringe and were sharing them with Millard. Perkins tells officers, according to court records, that he “only smokes crack cocaine and cringes when others use narcotics intravenously” so he went to sit outside on the porch at which time Millard allegedly said he needed some things and gave Perkins his debit card. He refused to give him his pin, records show, and Millard allegedly told Perkins to run it as credit.

Perkins said Millard and the two women were inside the home having sexual relations when he left the home and when he returned to the house from the store. Perkins said Barner allegedly asked him to go get her some crack cocaine. Perkins said when he returned to the house, Barner “ran out of the home telling him that Millard was dead when he got back.” He added Barner gave Millard Narcan and said Millard “was alright” and that he “would be good.”

When Perkins went inside to check on Millard, he said he would not wake up and that Perkins tried to perform CPR but could not revive him. That’s when he told officers that Barner advised Perkins “that he had to ‘get rid of the body’.”

That’s when Perkins said he and Guidry put Millard in the blue Camry’s trunk and rode around before deciding to dump his body off of Scenic Hwy.

Perkins added he was afraid to call 911 and that “he wanted to be as humane as possible with disposing the body at the funeral home and felt bad about Millard’s death.” His body was found on March 6.

Officers say when they spoke individually with Barner, she told them her choice of drugs was heroin and/or fentanyl.

Guidry has active arrest warrants for unlawful disposal of human remains, prostitution and failure to seek assistance.

Anyone who has information on Barner and Guidry whereabouts are asked to call the armed robbery division at (225) 389-3866 or Crime Stoppers at (225) 344-7867.

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