Busy Monday as BRPD responds to multiple shootings

Baton Rouge Police spent their MLK day responding to several shooting around Baton Rouge. There were at least two homicides and up to five additional shootings.

Baton Rouge Police officers responded to multiple shooting victims all around Baton Rouge, be at scenes or victims arriving at area hospitals.

As of nearly 11pm, officers responded to the 1100 block of Eddie Robinson Sr. Dr. where two men apparently shot each other. One of them has died.

Earlier in the day, it’s unclear how many different scenes there actually were in Baton Rouge but so far, it appears eight different people were shot. Of those eight, at least two died. 

One of the shootings on N. 39th St. around 3:30pm turned into a homicide with a 17-yr-old who died. He was taken to a hospital but died from his injuries. 

BRPD responded to a double shooting at La Annie Dr. around 1pm. Soon after, several people showed up at area hospitals saying they had been shot at various addresses around the city. It’s why officers are not sure how many people were shot at La Annie Dr.

At La Annie Dr., officers found two victims, one of them being a 15-yr-old. Both had multiple gunshot wounds with sources saying the shooting may have started in an apartment. That’s because officers found a large amount of blood and shell casings in an apartment. Some of the people showing up at area hospitals may be additional victims from the shooting scene at La Annie Dr.

The first shooting of the day was around 11am with officers going out to the Oyo Hotel on Gwenadele for a man saying he had been shot in a hotel room.

Aside from all the shootings, BRPD also responded to a reported stabbing on Stan Ave. for a teen allegedly cut to the head by her boyfriend.

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