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Callihan on camera allegedly stealing crossbow, machete and hatchet days before murders, abduction

Man, who appears to look like Daniel Callihan, seen on camera at a camp in Amite days before Callie Brunett was killed

AMITE – As the investigation into Daniel Callihan, the prime suspect in a double murder and abduction case, continues in Louisiana and Mississippi, UWK has uncovered new information about Callihan’s activities in the days and weeks leading up to the alleged multi-state crime spree.

UWK has obtained video footage showing Callihan allegedly casing a property in Amite and reportedly breaking into a camp twice just days before he allegedly murdered Callie Brunett and kidnapped her two children.

The camp owner, who has asked to remain anonymous, shared surveillance videos with UWK that show a man resembling Callihan roaming his property multiple times starting on June 9.

“After dinner, I checked my phone and had some notifications that somebody was on our property, so I called the cops, assuming that guy was still on my property, and it ended up being Daniel.”

The homeowner called the police, who quickly responded. But by the time they arrived, the suspect was no longer there. Officers walked through the property and secured the home. The homeowner says that the next day, Callihan reportedly returned, this time tearing through the property and stealing multiple items.

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“I mean, he just kind of wrecked the place. He took some items with him: a crossbow, a machete and hatchet set—like what you would use out in the woods—some fuel, dressing, knives, a blanket, and some random stuff, and then he was gone,” he said.

The owner says he has cameras set up throughout his property. He took the high-definition images and asked neighbors if they recognized the intruder. They reportedly identified him as Callihan. The homeowner then notified the police for the third time, now identifying the suspect.

“That’s whenever I called the cops back. I was like, ‘Hey, he’s here. Let’s get this guy,’ you know. He broke into my house and took my stuff. I waited, and then nothing ever happened,” he said.

According to his Ring camera footage, the break-ins began on Sunday, June 9th, and continued through Tuesday. On at least one occasion, the man was naked.

“I have pictures of him on Sunday morning walking through the property, so I suspect that was his initial break-in. He hung out there on Monday and probably left super early Tuesday morning or really late Monday night,” he said.

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The camp owner says he considered going to Callihan’s home himself to offer to pray for him. He deeply regrets not doing so.

“I could tell the guy was an evil dude in need of deep love. And that’s another one of my burdens, that I didn’t do that,” he continued.

The Tangipahoa Parish Coroner’s Office has revealed that Callie Burnett died from multiple sharp force injuries days later on June 12.

TPSO acknowledges they’re investigating the two reported break-ins, but could not comment further because it’s part of an ongoing investigation.

The FBI has established a digital tip line requesting any pictures and/or videos that may help in the investigation into what happened to Brunett and her two daughters.

Photos and video can be uploaded to FBI – Brunett Kidnapping and Murders.

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