Caught on video: Driver crashes into store with customer having just moved out of the way

Surveillance Video

BATON ROUGE– One store owner in Baton Rouge says it was business as normal Wednesday afternoon before a car plowed in her building, causing a raucous.

Kulwinder Singh, the owner of Fashion India and Grocery on Coursey Boulevard, said she went to the back room to get some items on Feb. 14 around 4 p.m. before she heard a “big blast,” followed by other “blasts.”

“The blast was like a ‘boom,’ so I ran from the back,” Singh recalled. “There were too many blasts happening. It was like bombs going off. Then people started shouting.”

There was a car in her building after a driver crashed an SUV into the side of the store. The person drove into racks and shelves containing jewelry, clothing, snacks, and other items at Fashion India.

Singh said the woman was trapped in her car after all the stuff piled on top of the vehicle. The fire department had to get her out after they arrived on scene. Thankfully, there were no injuries despite a customer inside the building and an employee feet from the crash.

“We had a customer who was shopping on that side of the store maybe 30 seconds before the crash and she had just moved to the other side of the store. Had she not have moved, she would have been run over. One employee was working behind the counter and she was nearby when the crash happened,” said Singh. “Wednesdays are very busy days for us and about thirty minutes before the crash, the store was full.”

“It was very shocking,” Singh said. “My hands were shaking. I tried to take pictures of what happened, but I couldn’t. My customers took pictures for me. Luckily, no one was in the area when it happened.”

While the damage is intense, it did not stop Singh from opening and serving the community.

“We’re still open,” she said. “We will be trying to take care of the damage in the process. We don’t know how long it will take. We’ve already started the work to repair the wall.”

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