Civil Service Board chair resigns, election to be held for new BRPD representative

Amid no attorney for the Municipal Fire & Police Civil Service Board for Baton Rouge, now, they’re also without a chairman and a representative for the Baton Rouge Police Dept.

It comes after Cpl. Robb Moruzzi with the BRPD resigned at the end of Monday’s monthly civil service hearing.

“I resigned my office as chair and I submitted my resignation to the position as the police representative effective when a replacement is appointed,” said Moruzzi. 

Moruzzi wrapped up the meeting saying to his fellow board members, “I wish you all ‘good luck’ and hope that you don’t allow your personal biases to affect your common sense decisions.”

“While I have enjoyed much of my time serving on this board on behalf of my fellow classified-service employees, I am exhausted. The personal biases and political-type division that seems to block the road to progress are present everywhere and this board is no exception. I will remain, as always, available to any fire or police employee who needs my help, but am happy to enjoy some rest after my tenure on this board,” added Moruzzi.

The Civil Service Board has had some very contentious hearings the last few years, specifically with numerous Baton Rouge Police officers coming before the board requesting Chief Murphy Paul’s discipline be overturned. 

The board is comprised of five members, each representing the BRPD, BRFD, Southern University, LSU and the governing authority (city council/mayor).

BRPD and BRFD members are able to appeal the disciplines rendered by their chiefs before this board asking members to either overturn or reduce the original disciplines.

Moruzzi served as the BRPD representative for the past seven years.

Now, any Baton Rouge officer can throw their name in the hat to be elected as the new BRPD representative on the board. The department will post the job availability for 15 days. After that, all BRPD officers elect who will represent them and the department. 

One name being tossed around is Sgt. John Dauthier.

“John will be seeking election to the Civil Service Board due to the resignation of Corporal Robb Moruzzi. Should he be successful, John looks forward to representing the men and women of the Baton Rouge Police Dept. and doing his small part to ensure the disciplinary process is a fair and impartial one,” said Dauthier’s attorney Cliff Ivey.

Since Moruzzi also served as the chair for the Civil Service Board, the remaining four members will now appoint a new chair, which will be during a special meeting that will be held in early February. During that meeting, they will also be interviewing possible attorneys and making a final decision. 

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