Compliance check at work release finds drugs & more

The Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office recently teamed with Lock 5, LLC – the private company overseeing Livingston’s Transitional Work program (TWP).

“Owner Hootie Lockhart requested the assistance of the LPSO in conducting a compliance check for those who are part of the TWP,” said LPSO Sheriff Jason Ard. “22 of those in the program were found to be in violation of various drugs & illegal paraphernalia. Those 22 have now lost the privilege of being a part of this program & are now in the Livingston Parish Detention Center.”

Certain people in prison may be eligible to enter a TWP from six months to four years prior to release from incarceration, depending on the offense of conviction – as approved by the Department of Corrections. People who are approved for the program are required to work at an approved job and when not working, they must return to the structured environment of their assigned facility.

“TWP’s are successful in getting those who want the help back on their feet. Many of these guys remain with their employers upon release, but, you must follow the rules,” said Lockhart. “I appreciate Sheriff Ard for answering my call to do a compliance check. We plan to do more moving forward.”

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  1. This should be addressed more than it is? I have been to the LP Work Release due to someone being beaten and I know that it was addressed pictures of who jumped the person and phone call recordings text messages from the “inmates aka work release “extortion and the weapons and drugs brought in daily. I have proof that I myself addressed this issue and more. Lock5 and the owners of the work release could be better it can give a second chance for the ones that want to be in society and be productive citizens if only it was ran different. Until a CHANGE IS MADE then this will only get worse.

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