Council members request mayor to terminate police chief or he resign

BATON ROUGE — After Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul unloaded on two council members, both have sent a letter to the mayor requesting the chief be disciplined. The letter was sent Thursday evening on Sept. 28th after the chief’s display at a council meeting the night before.


We were appalled by the conduct and total disregard for decorum displayed by Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul at the Metropolitan Council meeting on Wednesday afternoon. His lack of control over his emotions and unprofessional diatribe did not go unnoticed.

His words and actions are below the office he holds and a disrespect to the brave men and women of our police department. In particular, his verbal attack directed at us personally was completely absurd and crossed a number of ethical and professional lines.

Based on the Baton Rouge Police Department’s own code of conduct, and the fact that you asked Chief Murphy Paul to stand down and he did not, shows a disregard for the respect of our office as Council Members and your position as Mayor-President.

As a result of his actions, we ask for the immediate resignation or termination of Murphy Paul as Chief of Police of the Baton Rouge Police Department.

EBR Metro Council Member Aaron Moak
EBR Metro Council Member Jennifer Racca

The council members added that the chief violated the police department’s own policies.


  1. Command of Temper
All members shall exercise emotional control while in the performance of their duties. No member while on duty or while acting in an official capacity off-duty shall use rude or derogatory language, racist terminology, or attempt to deride, offend, or insult anyone.
    1. Conduct Unbecoming an OfficerEvery member of the department, whether on or off duty, in an official or unofficial capacity, must conduct himself at all times in such a manner as to set a good example for all others with whom he may come into contact. He shall in no way, through actions or neglect, bring dishonor or disgrace upon himself or the Baton Rouge Police Department.

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