‘Treated like royalty’ | Livingston Parish cancer survivor meets music superstar Luke Combs

MAUREPAS — From cancer survivor to Rockstar, 8-year-old Beckham Carpenter checked off one of his top bucket list goals when he met his country music idol, Luke Combs, during a concert in Tampa.

After featuring Beckham’s story last month, UWK received news that Luke Combs and his team had reached out to help fulfill Beckham’s dream. Instead of singing Luke’s songs from a hospital bed, Beckham had the opportunity to sing them backstage alongside Luke himself!

‘Treated like royalty’

Beckham’s mom Michelle says that before they even met Luke Combs, Beckham and his brother were taken on stage and got to wave at the crowd before the concert got started.

“They thought that was the greatest thing ever,” Michelle said. “Waving to the crowd and having the crowd screaming for them was one of their favorite parts.”

Michelle says they were treated like royalty backstage where they got to meet opening act and Louisiana native Lainey Wilson and country star Riley Green.

Beckham (left) meets country star & Louisiana native Lainey Wilson with his brother

Beckham meets his idol

Beckham and his family got to meet Luke Combs backstage before the concert. They shared some 1-on-1 time with the country superstar who read about Beckham’s cancer journey on UWK.

“The boy’s faces just dropped when he walked in,” Michelle said. “Beckham was like, ‘That was cool!”. His brother said he was never washing his hands again. It was awesome to see that for them. Luke told Beckham to keep rocking. He was super sweet.”

Beckham, his brother and family watched Luke’s performance from backstage.

“This is something that they will remember forever,” Michelle said. “It’s something only a few people get to do. The whole team was just amazing. It was an amazing experience for them.”

Beckham’s story

In a heartwarming display of resilience, 8-year-old Beckham Carpenter, a self-professed mega fan of country singer Luke Combs, has overcome tremendous challenges during the past three years.

Since 2019, Beckham has been bravely fighting cancer, proving that his journey has been more tumultuous than picturesque.

“We got the diagnosis that it was Ewing sarcoma, which is typically found in the bones, often in kids’ legs or arms from sports,” Beckham’s mother Michelle Carpenter shared. “However, in Beckham’s case, it was in his head. He had a brain tumor.”

Doctors discovered the tumor while conducting a routine procedure to insert tubes in Beckham’s ears. This unexpected revelation marked the beginning of a grueling battle against the disease.

“We endured 17 rounds of chemotherapy and 31 rounds of radiation, all while navigating the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to restrictions, we were confined to the hospital room, and even Beckham’s brother couldn’t visit him,” Michelle recalled.

Battling cancer is arduous for any family, but the global pandemic added an extra layer of difficulty to Beckham’s journey.

Yet, in the face of adversity, Beckham and his mother found solace and joy through their own creativity. “I played ‘Break the Ice: with mom and the doctors’,” Beckham said.

To lift their spirits and find respite from the challenges, they turned to the music of Beckham’s favorite country artist, Luke Combs.

Transforming his hospital room into their stage, Beckham found comfort and motivation by singing his beloved Luke Combs’ songs to pass the time. When asked if the music helped him endure the grueling treatments, Beckham’s enthusiastic response was a resounding affirmation: “Yea, yea!”

In a remarkable turn of events, Beckham beat cancer.

“Four weeks ago, we had scans, and he is two and a half years cancer-free,” Michelle revealed.

The future now holds endless possibilities for Beckham, who continues to strive for his dreams and check off items from his bucket list.

One dream that fuels Beckham’s spirit is to meet his country music idol.

“My dream is to meet Luke Combs and go to his concert!” His aspirations reflect the resilience and unwavering hope that have defined his journey thus far.

Through the ups and downs, Beckham’s unwavering spirit shines, serving as an inspiration to others facing their own challenges. And perhaps one day, Beckham will grace the stage, singing his favorite song alongside his favorite, Luke Combs.

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