Couple claims negligence after WBR deputy reportedly pulled gun on them

BRUSLY– Geremiah Williams says he were horror struck after leaving a loved one’s home, only to encounter a West Baton Rouge deputy who reportedly drew his gun on the couple.

He says he filed a complaint with the West Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office over the incident and plan on filing a lawsuit against the deputy and the sheriff’s office.

“The Deputy react[ed] in such a grossly dangerously way with dealing with innocent lives who had no knowledge why they were even out there in the first place,” said Williams, who alleged they were assaulted and the deputy violated their constitutional rights.

Williams tells Unfiltered with Kiran he also met with an official from WBRSO on the case.

Ordinary night with loved ones

Williams says he was visiting a loved one on December 3, 2023, around 8:30 pm, when the Brusly Police Department and the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office began investigating an incident involving a gun in the same neighborhood. He says when he was leaving and backing out of the driveway of the home he was visiting, there was a heavy law enforcement presence.

Williams says as they were driving out, a WBRSO unit drove toward their vehicles. That’s when Geremiah says the gun was drawn. “We got close then he jumped out of his truck and immediately pointed the weapon at me and my wife.” Geremiah says that the deputy was yelling at them and demanding identification.

As soon as Williams saw the deputy jump out of the vehicle and point the barrel of the gun at the couple, he slammed on his brakes with his hands in the air.

Diffusing the police drawn gun

Geremiah tells UWK that he began asking the deputy questions to try and figure out what was going on, but he says the deputy never specifically responded to him. “My goal was getting me and my wife off the street safe and back home to our baby,” said Geremiah.

To help defuse the situation, Geremiah emphasized to the deputy that he worked in law enforcement for many years, and that he’d never seen actions like this by other officers. The deputy asked for his driver’s license. Williams provided his ID to the deputy, and told him that he was not happy with how he was handling the situation. He added the deputy did apologize and explained that the bright lights coming directly at him while they’re searching for a man with a gun in the neighborhood, scared him.

“I said I want a better apology then that because if I didn’t tell you I was a law enforcement officer and my wife was in the military you probably would not have given a damn just like I picked up when you first drew your gun on us.”

The deputy told the Williams Family the bright lights coming for him was the rationale for pulling his gun at the Williams. The deputy made a report and apologized for his actions.

This apology isn’t enough

Williams struggled with this apology. He emphasized that he wanted a better apology because this situation could have ended much differently. Williams believes that the reason he was able to diffuse the situation was due to the fact that he was a law enforcement officer.

Williams spoke with the deputy’s sergeant at the WBR Sheriff’s office about this deputy’s conduct. He tells UWK that the sergeant also apologized for the deputy’s conduct, and stated that “his conduct was completely wrong.” Williams was assured that this incident would be taken care of. There was also no information about the suspect’s vehicle at the time the deputy drew the gun on the Williams.

Eventually, Williams discovered that the heavy police presence was due to a person out walking with a gun. The Captain told Williams the area had 15 people out there with guns, so there was law enforcement out looking for people with guns.

WBRSO launches investigation into deputy

Since it came to light, the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into the alleged actions the next business day, Dec. 4, 2023.

UWK reached out to WBRSO in response to the report. They issued a statement:

“West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office is aware of the incident. A complaint was made to this office and an Internal Affairs Investigation was initiated. WBRSO has no further comment at this time.”

West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office

Advice for others in similar situation

Geremiah struggles with the fact that this incident happened to him. His trust and respect for law enforcement officers has completely changed after this situation. He provides the following response to help others who may face a similar situation.

“If you are ever faced with an encounter like me and my wife, just comply. It will be your word versus their word if there is a shoot out. So what I want to just say is if you’re faced with a situation like that remain calm. Take whatever steps you need to take to get the situation handled.

“I’m not going to speak to the level that you’re on or try to prove you wrong. I’ll just deal with it at a later date because if I would have tried to go to his level that night, I don’t believe I would have ended up back at home with my family.” So what I did was I complied I gave him my drivers license once he told me that I was making a big deal out of him put the gun in me and my wife’s face.””

This is a developing story. Check back often for new information.

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