Cross stolen that was put up in honor of Allison Rice

On Saturday late morning, Allison Rice’s family put up a cross at the site where she died, on Government St. in Baton Rouge.

Allison, who everyone lovingly called ‘Allie,’ was shot and killed around 2:20am Friday morning. She stayed with a friend who was working at an establishment in mid-city so her friend would not be alone closing at 2am. Her friend went one way and Allie picked up some fries and was headed home to LSU, where she was a senior.

Their last words to each other before they left were “I love you,” according to her family.

“It was my brother, my mom and some good friends. We all put some flowers out and nailed a cross and teddy bear on the pole. Then the roommates and best friends came by so we all sat around and talked. While we were there, many people stopped by, bowed their heads, waved, honked their horn,” said Allie’s aunt Susie Rice Granier. “While we were out there, her friends came and put out Cheetos & Dr. Pepper for her. Flaming hot Cheetos and a cream soda Dr. Pepper were her favorite.”

It was the next morning when her aunt said Allie’s mom called that everything but the flowers had been stolen.

“Everyone was disgusted. Who does that. It’s just unheard of,” said Granier. “How could someone steal that. It’s a memorial site. The cross meant a lot and now it’s gone.”

Granier explained that the cross they used for Allie was actually her step-mom’s deceased mother’s cross. They added a picture of Allie in that cross. It wasn’t only a cross for Allie. It had dual sentiment and is now gone.

“We had a teddy bear, which was a normal pink teddy bear. The other stuffed animal was a dragon. In my family, everyone is a dragon, it’s a nickname. My son and I have dragon tattoo’s. Allie thought that was funny so we picked up a dragon for my son to put out. The dragon was set between the two poles and we nailed the teddy bear and the cross. The dragon, bear and cross were all stolen,” Granier said. “We even joked about it that if someone stole and put that cross on their wall, the ghost of Allie is coming.”

The family has not discussed whether to put another cross at the site. She said everything but the flowers was stolen including a dragon her cousin put out for her.

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