Cynthia Perkins has pleaded guilty before trial begins

Half an hour before jury selection was slated to begin in Cynthia Perkins' trial, she pleaded guilty.

Livingston Parish Judge Erika Sledge was slated to rule on two motions filed last week by Cynthia Perkins’ lawyer. Instead, the prosecution (the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office) and defense agreed that Perkins would plea guilty.

“After consulting with Cynthia, her family and our legal team, we felt like this was the best decision. Cynthia is remorseful but she’s looking forward to assisting in after the real monster in this, Dennis Perkins,” said Paul “Woody” Scott, one of Perkins’ attorneys.

Perkins did plea guilty to three charges and sentencing time:

  • 1 count 2nd degree rape (40 years)
  • 1 count production of pornography involving juvenile under age of 13 (30 years, to run concurrent to the 2nd degree rape)
  • 1 count conspiracy of mingling harmful substances (1 year, to run consecutive)

The sentences for 2nd degree rape and production of pornography are without the benefit of parole. However, the one year for mingling harmful substances does include the benefit of parole.

One of the stipulations is that Cynthia agrees to be a witness for the state when it comes to Dennis Perkins’ trial, which is scheduled to begin May 7, 2022.

The AG’s office said they did not initiate the plea deal but they did look at it, eventually agreeing to Perkins’ plea deal. The juvenile involved is aware of the offer on the table and agreed to it. 

Cynthia was facing 72 charges in total:

-(61 counts) Principal to production of pornography involving juveniles

-(4 counts) Sexual battery of a child under age 13

-(3 counts) First degree rape

-(1 count) Attempt first degree rape

-(1 count) Principal to mingling of harmful substances

-(1 count) Principal to video voyeurism

-(1 count) Video voyeurism

Feb. 18th at 9am is when Perkins will be sentenced.

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