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East Feliciana man indicted on two counts of first-degree rape, accused of abusing minors

EAST FELICIANA — An East Feliciana Parish Grand Jury indicted a 53-year-old man on two counts of first-degree rape.

East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s deputies arrested David Hall, 53, of Clinton, on Jul. 17, 2023 for first degree rape, aggravated crimes against nature and obstruction of justice. Hall is accused of sexually and physically abusing multiple minors for years before a juvenile was brave enough to report it to deputies, according to his arrest warrant.

east feliciana first degree rape david hall
David Hall

East Feliciana’s District Attorney Sam D’Aquilla took the case before a grand jury on Monday, Nov. 13.

“It is a very serious case and we have to ensure he is segregated from society to prevent him from destroying any more lives,” said D’Aquilla.

According to documents, the juvenile who reported Hall to deputies said the most recent incident was Hall grabbing her by the shoulders and slamming her against a wall. She also reported that Hall would get in arguments with another adult, and then take that anger out on her and other juveniles.

When the juvenile discussed the alleged sexual abuse, she became visibly upset and started crying, said the warrant. She lifted her shirt to show the deputies multiple “hickies” on her stomach that were allegedly from Hall. Hall would also tell the juvenile if she didn’t take off her clothes and let him do what he wanted, he would shoot her. He would then touch her thighs and “everywhere.” Sometimes, even, choking the juvenile, said the warrant.

Hall would touch inside and outside of the juvenile’s private area, while touching himself. He would finish by ejaculating on her body, according to the warrant.

Deputies also found multiple firearms in Hall’s home, despite his felon record of third-degree rape in 1995.

Another individual reported to deputies that she was sexually and physically abused by Hall, starting when she was eight years old. Hall would constantly throw items at her, according to the warrant. The individual added to deputies that Hall would allegedly slap/grab her butt, and rub her “everywhere” with his hands. She indicated that Hall was doing this for sexual gratification. Hall waited until no other adults were around to begin his sexual abuse, according to the individual.

Two more individuals came forward with information about Hall’s alleged abuse. One mentioned an evening where Hall got in the bed with her. She told him that if he tried to touch her, then he wouldn’t wake up in the morning. He got up and then left the room. The other person mentioned that he never sexually abused her, but she believed he was having sex with a minor while living in Kentucky.

This person recalled Hall bragging about having sex with the minor. Hall then told her that it was okay because the age of consent in Kentucky was 16 years old.

If found guilty, first-degree rape carries a mandatory life in prison sentence.

The next step in the first-degree rape case will be an arraignment in February 2024 in East Feliciana Parish.

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