Deputy Constable arrested, fired for kicking & spitting on officer

Baton Rouge Police officers arrested and charged a Baton Rouge Deputy Constable with disturbing the peace and resisting an officer after she allegedly kicked and spit at him.

Officers arrested Jabrinka Roberts and charged her with disturbing the peace, resisting an officer, battery of a police officer and theft.

On Nov. 13th, officers responded to 2742 South Sherwood Forest Drive (Daiquiri Café) around 2am about a shooting and fighting in the parking lot.


By the time officers arrived, the fighting had ended and the majority of the customers had left the area. Officers saw three women arguing with two male employees. The men were asking the women to leave but they refused, according to arresting documents. One woman said she was trying to find her cell phone.

Roberts is accused of walking up to the men in a “hostile way pointing and using profanities.” That’s when officers told Roberts to go to her car where she told officers “F*ck that car,” before allegedly continuing to be loud and belligerent. Authorities told the group of women to go to their car. Two other women attempted to grab Roberts and told her to go to the car but she allegedly violently pushed them away.

Officers said they could smell alcohol on Roberts. When one of the officers tried to arrest her, she started pulling away. That’s when officers had to force her into the police car before they could cuff her. When officers started advising Roberts of her Miranda Rights, she started cursing.

The deputy constable was transported to a police department where she allegedly fought officers at the precinct and refused to let them see her wallet to get her name. She also refused to tell them her name. Officials say Roberts was “kicking so violently that her pants began to fall down her leg past her shoes.”

“While dealing with Roberts, she was belligerent and hostile, as she used profanities calling me out of my name,” the officer wrote in his report. “I sustained a minor cut to my right pointer finger due to Roberts’ actions. While in the back seat of my patrol car, Roberts spit through my cage and on my door.”

Officers then got a call about a cell phone that was taken from the daiquiri shop and and pinged at the police department precinct.

The cell phone owner arrived at the precinct to claim her phone and told officers that three women at the daiquiri shop “beat her up” and she lost her phone in the process. The phone’s owner said she wanted to press charges on Roberts for taking her phone.

Unfiltered With Kiran did reach out to the Baton Rouge Constable’s Office for comment, but as of this report, no response yet.

UWK has learned that Roberts is no longer employed with the constable’s office and was terminated.

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