Sheriff’s deputies unknowingly drive escaped inmate to Texas border after multi-parish manhunt

BATON ROUGE — Ryan Young, 28, the man accused of escaping custody during a transport from court back to prison in Mississippi, was apprehended in Port Arthur, Texas, on Monday, Dec. 4, with the assistance of Cameron Parish Sheriff’s deputies, who had inadvertently dropped him off near the Texas border.

The U.S. Marshal’s Task Force & Port Arthur Police successfully apprehended Young, who had escaped from Lauderdale County on Wednesday, Nov. 29, while being returned to the Walnut Grove Correctional Facility from Meridian, MS, after a court appearance. Young was serving a 40-year sentence for multiple offenses, including vehicle and residential burglaries, grand larceny, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, all committed in Claiborne County.

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Where Young was returning from court back to prison before he escaped to Baton Rouge

Following his arrest in Texas, Young “sang like a canary,” detailing information to law enforcement officers about how he evaded police and deputies, successfully avoiding capture in up to five parishes in Louisiana, multiple law enforcement sources tell UWK.

200 mile escape to Louisiana

The escapee’s criminal activities escalated as he allegedly stole a vehicle in Mississippi after his escape. The stolen vehicle was identified at a Baton Rouge gas station around 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2., some 200 miles from Meridian, MS. Baton Rouge Police, along with the West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, Pointe Coupee Sheriff’s Office, and Livonia Police, initiated efforts to locate and apprehend Young.

Young’s path from Baton Rouge to Livonia & Lottie in Pointe Coupee Parish and ending in Rosedale

In an attempt to flee from authorities, Young led officers through West Baton Rouge Parish and Pointe Coupee Parish, ultimately crashing into a guardrail on Hwy. 190. Livonia Police strategically employed spike strips, leading to Young’s crash. Following the collision, Young fled on foot in Lottie, prompting an extensive manhunt involving multiple law enforcement agencies, drones, and the Louisiana State Penitentiary’s Angola Chase Team.

Hiding in the Louisiana bayous

At approximately 10:00 p.m., a resident in Blanks in Pointe Coupee Parish reported a sighting of Young on their deer camera in the backyard. Despite law enforcement’s swift response, it was later determined that the image was captured around 8:50 p.m., providing Young with an hour’s head start.

Authorities disclosed that Young hid in and out of the woods before attempting to enter a trailer being remodeled on the Pointe Coupee/Iberville Parish line. The homeowner identified Young through a photograph.

Young’s evasion tactics continued as he jumped into the Grosse Tete Bayou, floating and walking along the banks for several miles to avoid capture. He emerged in Rosedale, recounting to officers how he had entered a truck but failed to start the vehicle. He told officials that he found a gun in that truck that he allegedly stole. Subsequently, he allegedly stole a van from a nearby residence.

Helped by sheriff’s deputies

Driving west into Calcasieu Parish, Young ran out of gas. That’s when officials with the Cameron Parish Sheriff’s Office say he started walking into their parish. The sheriff’s office received calls for “a guy trying to flag people down” in Hackberry and given that Cameron Parish is rural, the Sheriff’s Office’s Chief of Detectives Jake McCain told UWK, “That doesn’t happen here.”

It’s why deputies went out to Hackberry and took Young to their substation. Once there, Young reportedly provided a false name since he was lacking any form of identification. Deputies also could not search his bag where the stolen gun was allegedly concealed.

“I’m assuming he gave us a fictitious name because the state computers were down so you couldn’t run any thing he was saying,” said Cameron Sheriff’s Chief of Detectives Jake McCain. “He actually gave us a name. We are assuming it is somebody he knows because he gave us a name and a date of birth and an address in Mississippi of somebody else so we tried to verify it different ways. There’s no way to do it. If the NCIC computer would have been up, it goes down for maintenance and stuff, had it been up, we would have ran his name and pulled his picture up and saw it wasn’t him. So since that did not work, you are stuck just going with what he told you.”

McCain added they had no probable cause to check his bag with the gun because according to the name he gave them, he was just a guy walking.

“Since he had not committed a crime, you could not really do anything to him. This is just a guy walking down the road,” said McCain.

Instead, Young was headed towards Texas so after the deputies did everything they could, they dropped him off to the Texas state line.

“He was going that way. We’ll give you a ride,” he said.

After that, State Police ran the plate of the van Young abandoned in Calcasieu Parish. It came back as a stolen vehicle from Iberville Parish. Around the same time, McCain said a major from the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office called him asking if they had Young in custody.

“No, we don’t have him in custody because that is not who he told us he was,” McCain explained. “I met with our captain over the patrol division and he said they gave him a ride. We looked at the picture of Young that Iberville gave us and verified that’s who was in our office. Once we found out who we had, we told them where we brought him, and once they contacted Port Arthur, he got picked up.”

Texas takedown

From there, Young managed to reach a gas station in Port Arthur, TX, hitching a ride to the location. Law enforcement agencies on the Louisiana/Texas border had been alerted, and Young was subsequently arrested by the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force & Port Arthur Police at a gas station in Port Arthur.

While his exact charges are pending, authorities anticipate Young will face charges in Louisiana before being returned to Mississippi to answer to an additional escape charge and complete his remaining sentence.

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