Dog rescue founder in search of missing Bernedoodle

The founder of Baton Rouge’s Bark and Roll Rescue Companions is asking the public’s help to find a dog that was attacked and ran away on June 14, 2022.

Dana Kahn and her husband saw a Bernedoodle that was afraid of nearly its own shadow at a shelter and decided to take him home a few weeks ago.

They named the two-yr-old, 75-lb, black and white Bernedoodle “Huck.”

The Kahns said Huck was finally starting to come out of his frightened shell before the incident happened.

“He was so terrified of everything. I took him home,” she said. “We had to shave him to his skin. He trembled every time you touched him. He had been in our home for two weeks, but he was starting to make progress. We started doing walks in the evenings with our other two dogs. We did the same route every day. His tail was getting to be untucked and he was starting to be a dog again.”

Then, on June 14, Kahn and her husband took their two dogs and Huck for their routine walk.

“A guy opens his front door and lets his lab out of the car without a leash,” Khan said. “Huck’s leash was in my left hand. The lab jumped on Huck and jerked the leash out of my hand and chased Huck about 30 houses down and my husband was running after them. The owner of the dog never moved out of his driveway. The lab grabbed Huck by the leg and he takes off down the street.”

Kahn said Huck lost his harness after he ran away and lost his tag after the lab attacked him but should still be wearing a red collar with white diamonds on it.

She said they spotted Huck the next morning on Shady Creek Ave. near the woods on Jones Creek. The Kahns live in the Shadow Lakes subdivision in Baton Rouge.

If anyone spots Huck, they are urged to contact Kahn at 225-229-4686. As scared as he is, Kahn said he will most likely not go to anyone.

“We just ask to call us if he’s seen so we can go to the area and hopefully rescue him,” said Kahn.

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