Dog that went missing in Whiskey Bay wreck has been found

Fenny was finally reunited with his owner George in Florida over the weekend!

Jan. 16, 2022, there was a bad wreck on I-10 over the Whiskey Bay. Due to the impact of a vehicle that was hit from behind, a Blue American Pit Bull Terrier service dog named Fenny, was ejected out the front passenger window over the bridge.


Fenny’s owner George was desperate to find his service dog and asked for anyone’s help in finding his dog after the crash.

George is a medic in the military. He was driving on I-10 on Jan. 16, 2022 because he was transferring from one base to another. He was broken down on the shoulder when the wreck happened that day. 

Fenny was tossed 65′ over the bridge and landed on a pile of cables, which was equivalent to landing on a pile of leaves. He landed on a private island, Whiskey Bay Island, which is about 18,000 acres. Fenny was stuck on the island. Towards the end of January, cameras and various hunters spotted who they thought was Fenny on the island.

The next several weeks, Fenny was spotted on cameras but when people would go look for him, they couldn’t find him. His owner George even came in from Florida to help search for his dog, but he too had no luck.

Several people helped bring Fenny back home. Two specific people are Jimmy LaGrone & Jason Mouret. 
LaGrone owns part of the private island. He and his wife Diane started searching for Fenny. When they learned for sure it was him, they started feeding him daily and finally on March 14th, they were able to set a trap and catch him.

Mouret is retired from the Army and has a service dog himself. 

“When I heard the story, I know how my dog is and I could not imagine. This became my life mission when I found out. I had to get his dog home to him when I found out because I would pray someone got my dog home to me if something happened to him. If the dog had deceased, we could get over it eventually. It was the not knowing part that was killing George. He didn’t know until we had pictures,” said Mouret.

As soon as LaGrone called Mouret last night, Mouret said he and his wife jumped in their truck to go get Fenny.

“We simply went and got Fenny. Jimmy and his wife Eden are the heroes in all this who burned their own gas and went to search for Fenny. They fed him every day. Then he got a trap and got him caught last night,” said Mouret.

Fenny is at a vet being inspected for any possible parasites or ticks.

George is in the process of booking a flight to get back to Louisiana to pick up his service dog. 

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