Driver pulled over was in police car that BRPD did not know was missing

HOLDEN- It was an ordinary day on April 19, around 4:30 p.m., when a black Dodge Charger caught the attention of law enforcement deputies for its excessive speed. Little did they know that this routine traffic stop would reveal a mind-boggling twist that left everyone puzzled.


As a Livingston Parish Sheriff’s deputy pulled over the speeding vehicle, they found a police radio that had been ripped out of its console. Prior to it being ripped out, the radio still functioned, allowing the new owner to eavesdrop on confidential police communications, including officers’ conversations. The car also boasted police lights, which sources revealed had been removed and sold by the current driver of the Dodge Charger.

Credible sources confirmed that when deputies ran the car’s license plate, they learned it was registered to the Baton Rouge Police Department. But, BRPD had not reported the police car as stolen or even missing; in fact, their records indicated that the car was still in their possession, sitting idly on their own city-parish lot in Baton Rouge.

The driver of the Dodge was released from the scene with no charges but the police car was confiscated by LPSO for BRPD.

As the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office delved into the circumstances surrounding how the car ended up all the way in Holden, it became clear that a baffling mix-up had taken place. Sources revealed that the incident stemmed from an auction where three city-parish vehicles were sold-an assortment of two Dodge SUVs and one Dodge Charger.

While the purchaser initially retrieved the SUVs without issue, his return for the Dodge Charger led to an alarming revelation that the wrong Charger had been left out, according to sources, not the one he had actually purchased. The source says it was a mistake by the city-parish.

UWK has learned that specific city-parish employee is no longer working in that role. Meanwhile, the Dodge Charger has been returned to BRPD. The driver of the Charger did not provide any comments to UWK.

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