East Feliciana Parish man pleads guilty to indecent behavior with juvenile

CLINTON — An East Feliciana Parish man turned himself in to the parish jail after pleading guilty to indecent behavior with a juvenile, court records show.

Derek Santangelo turned himself in to officials Tuesday afternoon, several hours after he was due to surrender to begin serving his 160-day jail sentence.

Santangelo is accused of inappropriately touching a young girl in July 2022. Unfiltered with Kiran is not releasing the girl’s exact age to protect her.

On March 7, Santangelo pled guilty to indecent behavior with a juvenile and was sentenced to 160 days in the parish jail, three years of supervised probation, fined $3,000 and was ordered to have no contact with minors.

Judge Kathryn Jones also ordered Santangelo undergo psychological evaluation and seek treatment. He’s also been ordered to submit to random drug screens.

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  3. So quick to label someone a child sex offender huh? Just wait. Always guilty until proven innocent. Even after a no contest plea that you can’t win. And you know that. Just wait. I have so much stuff to prove my innocence and my shut attorney Susan manuel with Ossie brown didn’t do a damn thing. I bet she didn’t tell you I only had to do 75% of my sentence which she failed to do. But she told me that.

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