EBR closing out 2021 with nearly 500 shootings

On top of the record breaking shootings, 2021 goes down as the deadliest year for East Baton Rouge Parish

This year has been the deadliest for East Baton Rouge Parish according to EBR Coroner Dr. Beau Clark with 170 homicides. Majority of those homicides are within the city limits of Baton Rouge with more than 130 homicides in the Capital City. Negligent and justified homicides have not been removed from that number of nearly 130. 

Prior to 2021, the deadliest year for EBR parish was 2020 with 136 homicides.

It’s become the norm now to have multiple shootings in a day, especially on weekends in Baton Rouge as well as hearing gunshots.

Plus, in Baton Rouge, there have been over 400 shootings where someone did not die, but was injured or a home or vehicle were damaged by bullets. When you look at all of East Baton Rouge Parish, that number is nearly 470 non-fatal shootings. 

Below are the statistics gathered by Unfiltered with Kiran going back to Oct. 2021 when we started tracking daily shootings.

There are several drive-by shootings and interstate shootings are starting to increase in BR.

Technically, the rest of Dec. 31st still has a few hours to go before 2021 wraps up potentially adding to the record-breaking numbers. 

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