EBRSO dispatcher arrested after “biting” & threatening boyfriend with knife

An EBRSO dispatcher was arrested Sunday afternoon and fired.

Officials said Bria Hunt, 25, got into an argument and the boyfriend locked himself in a bedroom. That’s when Hunt allegedly went to the kitchen and got a knife.


The boyfriend told deputies that Hunt allegedly started using the knife to unlock the door while holding their 11-month-old child. The boyfriend said he opened the door and grabbed Hunt to keep from getting cut by the knife.

“When the victim was grabbing the accused’s wrist of the hand the knife was in, the accused bit the victim on the arm close to the shoulder,” said arresting documents.

The victim was able to take the knife away and Hunt allegedly left the home.

A little while later however, Hunt is accused of returning to the house and kicking in the door. She said she returned to get her purse.

The victim said Hunt allegedly returned a second time kicking in the door once again. She said this time she was looking for her keys.

The victim had video he showed to deputies corroborating his story. Hunt is charged with domestic abuse battery, child endangerment, and aggravated assault of her boyfriend.

After the Sheriff’s Office was called out to the incident today, Hunt was fired.

The child endangerment charge stems from the alleged domestic abuse taking place in the presence of kids, an 11-month-old and 13-yr-old.

Hunt worked as a dispatcher for approximately three months and had not yet attended the training academy.

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